The Difference

We use innovative technologies that do things smarter. A lot smarter. Traditional marketing research methods are slow, expensive, and outdated. If you want to know what happened 6 months ago, use them. That’s not what we do. We use nimble, modern techniques and we do not over engineer.

We enjoy flexibility with technology options, feasibility and design scenarios, fieldwork plans.  We do not force fit a solution.


Scott Weinberg – Founder

  • Past President, MN / Upper Midwest MRA Chapterbtc.09
  • 7 years with BI Worldwide, a global Performance Improvement Agency; created and managed the online research team
  • M.S. in Industrial / Organizational Psychology
  • Taught college statistics
  • Advocates non-parametric statistics in market research more than anyone you will meet
  • Big Brother mentor, 18 years going strong (with now reversed roles)
  • Endurance cyclist – 5th place finish in the grueling 300k Dairyland Dare with a time of 11:38 (WI); 600k race in 35 hours (MN); 65 minutes in the Bogus Basin (ID) 15 mile uphill time trial
  • LinkedIn

Cole Hanson – Lead Technology Advisor

  • Recent Graduate of Hamline University
  • Millennial social media power user  
  • Technology specialist in mobile platforms
  • Volunteer CPR/AED and First Aid Instructor with the American Red Cross
  • Powerlifter and (budding) cyclist
  • Shameless foodie

I am the Lead Technology Advisor for Tabla Mobile, keeping us up to speed when it comes to all things electronic (minus rewiring the office). I spend my days scouring the internet and blogs for all things mobile, and picking apart their research components to best help our clients. I absorb technical features, specs, and technology roadmaps. Beyond that, I’m the brain behind our millennial pieces, bringing my experience and the experience from my peers into perspective for mobile. In my free time, I’m a powerlifter with Stronglifts 5×5, a shameless foodie and a (budding) cyclist enjoying the wonderful and vibrant community Minneapolis has to offer.