Hey big brands, are you aware of this?

I followed up to my flamethrower tell all blog of 4 years ago, on GreenBook. Viewable HERE.

In it I relay a conversation with an agency owner, who scrutinizes the data files they receive. Crazy, no?

Last week this same person bcc’d me on a testy thread with a different supplier (a big survey firm who outsources the sample). That file also riddled with bots, dupes, something. How many of you/ us actually dive into the scrutiny?

Last month, another agency president I know, in the health care space, told me a story. The sample shop (a major) flew in for an in person, earlier this year. Rigorous QA was promised, repeatedly. They were hired for their 1st sample job with them. Data file scrutinized. 15% duplicates, another 10% gibberish open ends. ZERO QA on the data file. Agency PM’s are doing UNPAID QA on sample files, if they are indeed doing that. This is insane.

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