Using a sales demo for Continuing Ed credit…?

This happened a couple years ago. I had a gig at a qual software firm. Doing sales, which meant triage for inbound leads. A lead came in, a qualie from Australia. She asked me to send invite for a demo, which I did. She no-showed, twice. Each time she sent frantic apology email an hour later, saying she had manually adjusted my invite to fit her time zone. Yes, odd; as calendars do that automatically. Which I explained to her, twice.

The kicker though was when she sent increasingly forceful email requests stating that since she was trying to view a demo, would I please just send her a separate note thanking her for attending? I asked why, and she said: “because I will claim that hour for my continuing ed certification.” I said nay, I’m not going to do that.

To which she replied: “Just keep in mind Scott, that this is a small industry” which was apparently some kind of threat? If this is a small industry, why confirm a lie to me, in writing…? Sidebar: MR is a big industry, but why quibble.

I’m a fan of continuing ed, the legit kind. Ergo, it’s sad & weird to me she’s feigning interest in company products just to get an hour’s credit.